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Godfrey Khill


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December 2019

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Godfrey Khill

Godfrey Khill

Godfrey Khill is Charleston's only Native Gullah historian, tour guide, and published author that is full-blood Gullah Geechee. His entire life has been devoted to his Gullah heritage and the ways of the elders. Godfrey is the only true Gullah Geechee that speaks with facts about his heritage.

Gullah is a word many people use all day every day as if they know all about the word.  There are even historians, book authors, university professors, and many teachers teaching and educating at all levels of education on the history of the Gullah people all around the world today. Yet nobody, no not one of them has any idea what Gullah truly means, and honestly, they do not care to know. God said we would act this way in the beginning, and look at us now, the so-called Black, African American people really do not care that they do not know what their real Nationality, (Isaiah 1:3 KJV).
The actual true meaning of the word Gullah goes against everything the teachers claim and against every lie they spread, and normally they spread these lies for money.  Lies have always been good enough for them, up until now.  Instead of facts or proof of any kind, all they are able to give are regurgitated words that only serve to distract from answering the question truthfully.  Instead of saying, I do not know what truly means, their ego takes over, and they continue the wicked cycle of spreading lies that go against God himself.
Some common lies often regurgitated:
Gullah is a language of its own.
Gullah descended from Angola.
Gullah originates as Africans in West Africa were forced into African slavery, and then they were forced into cargo slave ships and brought to Charleston, where the language is said to have taken root because of the dead season when the hot Charleston heat would kill many from Malaria.
These are only some of the many commonly learned and regurgitated lies given to maintain a great ignorance about the Gullah heritage. Coons of all colors with evil spirits live to exploit the heritage of God, and they have done so for as long as they could. These spirit robbers will continue to rob and steal and take full advantage of the innocent and never have their full. Their manipulation of God’s history will never be the same ever again now that this book is being unveiled. Exploiters have had their way with God’s history long enough.
They have had all the time in the World, to tell the truth. Instead, they chose to prefer lies over truth. This book very easily separates the dark lies simply by shining the light on the Gullah truth.
The spells of the Gullah culture is much more serious than you have been made to be-lie-eve.
After reading this book, you will never be the same again. That is a statement of fact.
Gullah, the Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption, Rev 22 is loaded with historical and Biblical hidden secrets that will change everything we thought we knew about history and Jesus the Christ.
Facts never revealed before now will put the false prophets to rest.
The truth about Gullah has never been revealed before this book. 2020 is the time of Redemption, and the Root people of the Gullah culture are beginning to wake up to the sounds of trumpets trumping in their inner ear.  The Gullah people have never been allowed to know their true history because of the truth it holds. Their secret bloodline is the reason for the forced secrecy.  Their blood of the slaves is the blood of the royal nation. Christ Jesus came to the Holy City, and he was treated evil and afflicted up until his death. The Jesus, Root Man himself, (Rev. 22:16) was hung on a tree until he died exactly as the Gullah people were treated and hung by their necks from trees until they died.
In the Gullah culture, there is no word for the brand new English word, coincidence. Once the truth about Gullah is made to bee seen, the truth about Gullah will never be hidden again.